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NASCAR Driver Rankings

In between each race in the season, the NASCAR driver rankings are released to show where each driver is in relation to the rest of the pack in the points race. Millions of fans check the rankings to find out if their favorite driver jumped up a notch or two, or alternately, fell in the rankings. The rankings are useful to predict who will win the championship. The point system can be a bit confusing for the recent NASCAR fan. However, once learned, it is easy for anyone to calculate the point tally for his favorite driver.

NASCAR Driver Rankings: The Point System

A driver earns points for every race he competes in. At the end of the season, if he has more points than any other driver, he wins the championship. Here’s a quick summary of how the points are allotted: The winner of the race pockets 175 points. The points decline by five point increments for drivers placing two through six. The points drop by four points per driver for places seven through 11. After that, three-point increments separate drivers at the end of the pack. In addition, driver who lead a lap during the race earn an extra five points, while the driver who leads for the most laps earns an extra 10 points. After every race, the points a driver earns is added to his existing total thereby giving his ranking against all the other drivers.

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