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Chevy Racing 400

NASCAR’s Chevy Racing 400 is run on the Richmond International Speedway in, you guessed it, Richmond, Virginia. The track is built on the site where dirt races were held in the 1940s. The track was paved in 1968 and redesigned in 1988. However, recent renovations make it one of the most modern tracks on the NASCAR tour schedule.

The oval track has fourteen degrees in turns and is .75 miles in race distance. With the ability to hold races at night, the Richmond International Raceway is a crowd favorite. While coming to see the race, many NASCAR fans also enjoy visiting historic Richmond and its many landmarks and parks.

Chevy Racing 400: A Fan’s Delight

The Chevy Racing 400 is held in mid May and is always a delight for NASCAR fans. Parking for the Raceway is free and ample and also includes places for camping. The Chevy Racing 400 race is run at night providing the fans with a great experience. Nearly every seat in the Raceway provides a good view of the race.

In 2003, Joe Namechek took the checkered flag under the lights at Richmond with Bobby Labonte, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Mark Martin close on his heels. This year it’s anybody’s guess as to who will lead the pack to victory under the Virginia night sky.